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Amateur film lovers Peter and Connor discuss a new a new movie each episode with their special guest to see how they would make it the film that it could be. The films range from terrible to weird but always end up classics in their minds. Laughs abound as the guys and their guest brainstorm what makes a film bad, how films get made, and what they could be in a perfect world.
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Dec 31, 2016

Today our heroes march into uncharted territory as Peter's little sister Kate explains the cultural importance and cinematic flaws of the lesbian cult classic, Remember Me and You. The boys try to understand a confounding film, and come down off their mountain of privilege and try to understand why this stupid movie is so important to so many people.

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Dec 23, 2016

It's Christmas time in the detective agency and we're taking a little time for our selves. Pete and Connor sit and talk about "Home Alone 2" and find a few areas where the second film could expand on the second, instead of just doing the whole first movie over again.

For the vSauce video click here.

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Dec 15, 2016

Friend of the show, filmmaker, and animator, Joey Abisso comes to the Detective Agency to talk about one of the worlds few perfect films, and it's following entries: Die Hard. Are we going to fix "Die Hard"? Impossible, but if you've seen "A Good Day To Die Hard" you know that the ship is heading in the wrong direction. Joey joins us to help right that ship, and send her off into the sunset in Die Hard style. 

Up Next: Home Alone 2: Lost In New York, available for digital rental or the old VHS at your parents' place. 

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Dec 1, 2016

Friend of a friend of the show, Frank Hanley, joins our heroes to discuss the downfall of our favorite hero: Batman. "Dark Knight Rises" a series of missed opportunities and Frank has some thoughts about how we can right the ship, and make Batman Rise the way he was meant to!

Stay tuned for what were working on for the next episode.

Nov 15, 2016

This week our heroes tackle one of the silliest fixes they've encountered yet, and find a touching little costal drama. Finding a little bit of the sublime int he ridiculous.

Follow Peter Garafalo on his YouTube page here.

Stay tuned to find out what we have in store next week!

Nov 1, 2016

Film. The Final Frontier. These are the conversations of two dudes in an apartment in Harlem. Thier contiuning mission, to get their friends to come to their place, to sit and talk for an hour, to come up with ideas someone should have come up with before!


This week they the boys talk to Matt Conrad about Star Trek: Nemesis, a sci-fi action movie that could have been a political drama in SPAAAAAAACE. 


Follow him at @Matthewjconrad

Oct 28, 2016

Rob Schulte of the Pumpkin Spice podcast, swings by to give us his take on Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors, a film that he covers hilariously on his own show.

You can hear the Pumpkin Spice Podcast here.

You can also hear Rob's other podcast Doin' It With Mike Sacks here

On Monday we're releasing our episode on Star Trek: Nemesis , which is available on Netflix.

Oct 15, 2016

Comedian and artist Reid Faylor stops by to talk about the Shining. No, not the terrible TV remake from the 90's. We're talking about universally acclaimed, taught in every film school, object of many a conspiracy theory, "The-Here's Johnny-Shining". Reid is a very smart man, and he's got some ideas to share with us all.

Happy Halloween!

You can find Reid's art on Instagram @JimHickory

Check out his latest short film "The Birthday Party"

Next time, on our Halloween Special, we're talking with Rob Shulte of "The Pumpkin Spice Podcast" about Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors

Oct 1, 2016

Comedian and Improviser Mike Sause confounds us all by bringing us the timeless classic,
"Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory" for less of a fix and more of a twist. Hilarity ensues.

Click here to visit Mike Sause's website and check out where you can see him performing in NYC.

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Next Episode: "The Shining" (1980)

Sep 15, 2016

Filmmaker Chandler Wild comes by to discuss his favorite movie, and your new favorite movie: 1995's Cutthroat Island. One of the biggest box office flops of all time, it cost $110 million to make, only made $10 million back, killed the pirate genre for a decade, ended Geena Davis's career as a bankable action star, and took down the studio that brought you the Terminator and Rambo films.

Even with all that baggage, Wild has a few ideas on how we could improve Cutthroat Island, shows us that it's a movie who's time has come.

To check out Chandler's film "Mount Lawrence" on Vimeo on Demand click here.

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Aug 31, 2016

Friend of the show Stu comes by to give us his pitch for 2008's Jumper, and our heroes try to decode the secrets of a film that planned on getting a sequel, and the secret of Sam Jackson's Sisqo hair.

Our next film is "Cutthroat Island", which can be found on iTunes, Youtube, and Google Play.

Special thanks to Timmy Nelson for our show art. Find him at

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Aug 30, 2016

In the second half of our inaugural episode, host Connor takes to the hot seat, to give us a review, his fix, and his strange history lesson surrounding Disney's classic musical about child labor relations.

Our next film is Jumper (2008), available on HBO Go, as well as Youtube, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play.

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Aug 30, 2016

For the first episode host Peter takes to the hot seat to see what it's like. He's got some ideas for how to make Constantine (2005), a perfect movie. And also for a spin off that would be even better.

Our next film is Newsies, which can be found on iTunes, Youtube, Amazon, and Google Play.

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